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creative lab

an idea, whether complete, partial or at a blank slate stage, a “pathways of development” (pod) journey awaits it.


brand lifestyle integration project (blip) & brand integration group – brand ambassadors network group (big bang)

pre-announcement and pre-promotion packaging of pod journey content ideas (blip) “teased” by integrators (big) and select ambassadors (bang).


actors, crafts, trades & support (acts) co-op

pod, blip and big bang content results are turned over to a co-ompetitive gathering of actors, crafts, trades, and support (acts) staff to create content marketing campaign ideas.


content (brand) marketing factory

winning content marketing campaigns ideas, are compiled for distributions across mass to micro media, formats, channels, and platforms.


productions hub, studio, and multi-channel network (mcn)

from productions to distribution across an in-house multi-channel network, happens here.


publishing, broadcasting, streaming, advertising, & data

delivery of content across physical, digital and virtual channels and platforms, with data reports to see effectiveness of content campaigns.

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